How to activate your TDX and TDH 800 headend

Follow the guide below and you should be home free. Please make sure you have a login for MyTriax. If you don't please register.

P.S. If you had a login for our previous online Helpdesk, you should have received an email with activation link. When this login is activated you should be able to access MyTriax.

*PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware only direct TRIAX customers will be able to acquire a login. If you are not a direct customer, please contact your supplier of TRIAX headends.

Activation guide

Please follow the steps below to activate your TDX and TDH 800 headend

  1. Access MyTriax and go to "Product registration"
  2. Go to Add New Solution and insert details
  3. Once the solution is registered, you can retrieve licences and the installation key
  4. Insert licence key to your headend
  5. Download the headend software online on the relevant product page
  6. Upload the software to your TDX or TDH 800
  7. You have now succesfully activated your headend
  8. After activating the headend, you can setup it up via the Product registration tool in MyTriax. Find out more in the FAQ in our Support ticket system

Manuals & software?

Download archive Headend software

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