Stay in touch with your customers

Convey the messages you want. Impart the services and information your customers need.

Connect your customers to the future with an interactive communication platform that’s tailor-made for your business.

  • Communicate your content and services onto any device
  • Build lasting relationships before, during and after point of sale
  • Customisable for any business, from hotels to ships to football stadia

Any time, anywhere, any device

All on one platform
  • Cost-effective
    —Pay only for what you need
    —Multiple services from a single supplier
  • Revenue generating
    —Target messaging
    —Multiple touchpoints
  • Efficient
    —Manage from a single system
  • Customisable
    —Your branding and content
    —Your choice of configuration

Flexible. Scalable. Infinitely customisable.

Reach your customers through various APPs and different TOUCHPOINTs.

Bild6Add only what you need: every In Touch solution is as unique as your business.


How it works

  1. 1. Select your  APPs >
  2. 2. Build the  PORTAL >
  3. 3. Display on any  TOUCHPOINT >
  4. 4. Administer in  MANAGEMENT

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For a solution as unique as your business

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Together we'll explore the infinite possibilities of TRIAX In Touch.

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