TOUCHPOINTs are the cornerstones of interaction between you and your customers.

Whether it’s on information screens, TVs, or their own devices, use TOUCHPOINTs to display and interact with the right message or service to customers at the right time.

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Any service, any device

Digital Signage

Provide customer information anywhere – from hotel lobbies to stadium entrances, door signs to bus shelters.

Global Access

Give your guests access to your PORTAL wherever they are, whenever they want and on whatever device they own, driving opportunities for repeat business.


Offer information such as timetables or maps, or invite customer feedback, all from an interactive concierge service displayed on touchscreens.

Local Access

Manage customers’ access to your PORTAL on their own devices while on your premises.

Offer upselling opportunities such as WiFi through TRIAX’s safe, billable, High Speed Internet Access.


Fixed, in-room tablets that give guests access to your PORTAL and services, and offer integration with room controls and Property Management Systems.


The customers’ entry point to all the TV channels, information and services you offer.

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