Subsidiary management

TRIAX A/S, Denmark

PLUH  Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt, CEO

JBE  John Berg, Chief Supply Chain Officer

HSBJ  Henrik S. Bjerregaard, Chief Financial Officer

STDO  Steve Donachie, Chief Commercial Officer

JEKI 272x272  Jens Kiib, Chief Product & Solution Officer

THSP 648x648  Thorsten Spanka, Chief Sales Officer

TRIAX Denmark, Scandinavia and Rest of the World

MSOL  Martin Solander, Sales Director

TRIAX Sarl, France

FNE  Frederic Nectoute, Sales Director

FKA  Florence Kaiser, Finance & Office Manager

TRIAX UK Ltd., United Kingdom & Ireland

GV  Glenn Vaughan, Managing Director

TRIAX GmbH, Germany

PLUH  Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt, CEO

TRIAX GmbH, Austria

MARS  Markus Schneller, Head of Sales and Commercial Management

TRIAX Digital Multimedia, S.L., Spain

Francisco Carro  Francisco Carro, Country Manager

TRIAX Kft., Hungary

GCZ  Gergely Cziffra, Market Manager

TRIAX Middle East & North Africa

HLM272x272  Henrik Lindskou-Mouritsen, Sales Director, Middle East & North Africa

TRIAX South Africa

LAN272x272  Lars Nielsen, Sales Director, Africa


The board of directors


Allan J. Vestergaard

Board members

Henrik Hvidtfeldt

Niels-Christian Worning

Jan Johan Kühl

Lars Rønn

Employee representative

Jørgen S. Jensen

Gitte Olesen

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