Remove the limits from your installation

Maximise the speed and ease of fibre optic technology with the TRIAX integrated solution for multidwelling units. We're your preferred choice if you're looking for:

  • One discrete headend – distribute satellite, digital terrestrial and radio signals from a single location
  • A system to cover large areas without jeopardising signal and quality
  • A single fibre cable instead of multiple coaxial cables

While tenants and landlords enjoy high quality and maximum flexibility, our solution offers unrivalled reliability and future-proof technology for installers.

Just one satellite dish supplies several hundred apartments with interference-free transmission, and just one fibre optic cable replaces up to 5 coaxial cables.

Television at the speed of light

Sat Fibre. The transmission choice for the future.
  • SAT IF distribution over fibre optics (FO) can supply many households over larger distances, with feed from a central satellite dish station
  • Virtually lossless transmission of satellite, DVB-T and DAB signals.
  • All 4 SAT IF signals are transmitted over one optical fibre by using a Full Band Stacking LNB.
  • Space-saving installation – a 3 mm optical fibre replaces five 7 mm coaxial cables
  • Optical fibre with galvanic isolation
  • Quick and easy installation by using pre-assembled fibre-optic cables

The complete reception solution

Multiple options, multiple dwellings. Trust TRIAX to supply the full range of products you need to connect a multidwelling unit.

From the rooftop dish or aerial, to the LNBs, multiswitches and cables, we've got you covered.

Just some of the products that form our solutions are highlighted here.

Get in touch with our team for more information, or find inspiration by downloading our solution brochures:

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 SAT Fibre Optics

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 CATV Fibre optics

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 Multiswitches

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 Satellite dish range

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 SAT IP LNB

Installation examples

A variety of options available across the multidwelling unit.

Satellite, Terrestrial or CATV signals can be received and shared across multidwelling units.

The signal is received, then distributed through our cables and delivered through a series of multiswitches.

Adobe PDF file icon 32x32 Download our brochure for more details

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