Product description:

The Triax ORC 1629 M Optical Node provides an advanced, cost optimized High-Output two-way FTTB and RFoG solution.
It allows an uninterruptable control of both forward and return path.

  • All settings are done via JxP plug-in modules, all with an automatic 5dB fall-back value during hot-swap settings,
    with a 500nS switching time.
  • The return path has a laser-enabling technology built-in activating the laser when modem transmission is detected.
    The Transmitter turns ON when signal level on input port of the node reaches 75dBµV.
  • The design uses high-quality hybrids to ensure that the ORC 1629 can achieve the highest levels and quality of
    output signals while at the same time reducing power consumption.
  • The M model is equipped with a mains fed power supply.


EAN Number 5702663078000
Optical input power -9.0 ... +2.0 dBm
Reception wavelength 1100...1650 nm
Optical Return Loss >40.0 dB
Eq. Input Noise Current <5.0 pA/√Hz
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) -6.0...0 dB
Output level CSO @ 60 dB IMD (42 ch) flat 114 dBµV
Output level CTB @ 60 dB IMD (42 ch) flat 114 dBµV
Output level stability ± 1.0 dB
Test point -20 dB
Frequency range 47...1006 MHz
Frequency range return path (depending on modules) 5...65 MHz
Frequency response ± 1.0 dB
Gain flatness ± 0.75 dB
Attenuation 0,,,20 dB
Equalization JXP plug-in 0...20
Return Loss > 18 dB
Number of receivers 1
Operating temperature range -20 ... +60 °C
AC Supply voltage 180...253 VAC
Power Consumption (typ.) 15 W
IP Housing protection class IP 67
Connector Optical Optical - SC/APC
Connector Type F-female
Connector OUT PG11 - 5/8"
Product Depth 80 mm
Packaging Depth 0,080 m
Packaging Height 0,145 m
Total Weight 1,400 kg
Packaging Width 0,235 m
Net Weight 1,300 kg
Packing QTY 1
Remarks Optical power indicator: Orange: Pin <-7.0 Green : -7.0 0 Trigger levels for Burst Mode: 4 select levels: 70-72, 75, 80, 82 Return Transmitters (via OTBM xxxx plug-in) 1310FP: 0dBm, 1310/1550/CWDM DFB: +3dBm
Tara Weight 0,100 kg
Packaging Volume 0,003 m3
Product Width 145 mm
Product Height 235 mm

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