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Article number: 305503

CAS Card-less license DVB

Article number: 305528

CAS Hospitality

Article number: 305232

CAS Hybrid STB DVB-C/T/IP slim

Article number: 305537

CAS Operator

Article number: 305530

CAS Server

Article number: 305502

CAS Smartcard

Article number: 325221

CC2CT 800 C

Article number: 325220

CC2CT 800 T

Article number: 325177

CCA 325 [FM amplifier]

Headends (signal processing)

From the small privately run Bed & Breakfast to large hotels, hospitals, prisons, companies, communal aerials and larger CATV networks, Triax helps you pick the perfect customised headend solution.

We will guide you so that you end up with a headend system that matches your actual needs, and which is upgradable for the technology of tomorrow. This way, you'll get the most cost-efficient solution.

Installing any of the headends in the Triax range is fast and easy.

Remote control access to your headends

With some of the large-scale Triax headends you can control and adjust the entire system remotely from your PC, without having to be physically at the installation site. All you need is internet access, GSM or fixed-line telephone modem.

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