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CSE 1601 - DVB-S/PAL - Twin

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CSE 16 Base Unit

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CSE 2401 - DVB-S/PAL - Twin

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CSE 06012 Q

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CSE 24

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Article number: 324711

CSE 2 compact cabinet

CSE Comp. main units

The CSE Compact Headend system has been designed to update small to medium installations at a affordable cost without upgrading the whole system. It is available in 2 versions: COFDM - PAL (DVB-T) or QPSK - PAL (DVB-S), which can produce either 6, 8 or 12 PAL output channels.

The CSE Range has no loop through facility which ensures an excellent C/N and removes unwanted analogue and digital signals from the spectrum making channel planning easier.

This new Headend also offers the option of adding a Video / Audio source to a PAL output simply by adding an RX and a 300745 A/V lead, without the need for additional modules.

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