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TDH 800

The TDH 800 housing is designed to accommodate up to 16 frontend and 6 quad backend modules. This gives the TDH 800 headends system a total of up to 16 input muxes and 24 output channels, either 24 PAL programs or 24 QAM/COFDM muxes or a mixture of these.

The centre of the TDH 800 is the pool where services are available from all front end modules, whether terrestrial, satellite or AV encoder. From the pool, services can be cherry-picked and distributed via the COFDM, QAM or PAL backend modules. Any input can be connected to any output.

Configuration of the TDH 800 can take place by using the TDH 800 service tool as shown in the manual. The TDH 800 service tool ensure that the COFDM or QAM muxes are created in a way where the maximum bandwidth is respected.

The TDH 800 unit can be mounted in a 19" rack or mounted on the wall horizontally or vertically by using the wall brackets. You can easily access the input modules in the top of the cabinet and by removing the 4 torx screws on the front you will get access to the output modules.

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