TDX Samsung DRM backend license

Article number: 418073

Product description:

TDX Samsung DRM license
The Samsung DRM license makes it possible to scramble IP and digital modulated services (QAM, COFDM) in the TDX with a scrambling code that Samsung hospitality TV’s with integrated DRM function, can receive and de-crypt.

  • This offers a cost effective solution to distribute premium content in a hotel network.

The Samsung lynk or reach software is required to manage the scrambling, and runs on an external server.

  • To activate the Samsung DRM functionality on a TDX, the customer have to order a “TDX Samsung DRM backend license”, one for each backend the Samsung DRM scrambling will be used on.
  • Max. 24 TV services pr backend with Samsung DRM license.
  • The Samsung lynk or reach server software will be offered and supported from Samsung directly.
  • All hardware (and specifications of the needed hardware),  to run the Samsung DRM server software (lynk or reach) - is the responsibility of Samsung and the customer.
  • This functionality will be only offered for the TDX BE. However customers, who is having a TDX grey edition, can  upgrade to the Samsung DRM functionality by agreeing to a SLA, and upgrade TDX software to S/W 4.x.



EAN Number 5702664180733

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