TMS 9x20C - Casc.8SAT+1TER / 20out

Article number: 300388

Product description:

For two satellite positions in smaller networks the Triax TMS 9XC series is the right choice. For easy installation all inputs are coloured identical to Triax multicable colours. All multiswitches have integrated active loop-in of VHF/UHF, whether the signals come directly from aerials or from an existent system. For external PSU.


EAN Number 5702663003880
Max. output level SAT @ -35 dB IMD3 100 dBµV
Max. output level TER @ -60dB IMD3 88 dBµV
Return Path 5...30 MHz passive
Switching 14V/18V - 14V/22kHz - 18V/22kHz - DiSEqC 2.0 kHz
Frequency range SAT 950-2150 MHz
Frequency range TER 5-862 (active) MHz
Gain - SAT (with 5 dB slope) -3.0 to 2.0 (5dB slope) dB
Gain - TER [47-862 MHz] -9 dB
Insertion loss - trunkline SAT 7.0 (± 2.0) dB
Insertion loss - trunkline TER 5.0 (± 1.0) dB
Isolation cross polarisation H/V 28 dB
Isolation LNB to LNB 35 dB
Isolation out-out SAT 30 dB
Isolation out-out TER 28 dB
Isolation SAT to TER 28 dB
Isolation TER to SAT 23 dB
Return loss SAT inputs 13 dB
Return loss SAT outputs 8 dB
Return loss TER inputs 11 dB
Return loss TER outputs 8 dB
Impedance 75 Ω
DC Operating voltage 15.0 ±1.0 VDC
Max. current pass per F-connector 500 mA
Temperature range -20...+55 °C
Colourcoding of IF and TER inputs Yes
Connector Type F-female
Number of trunk inputs 8 SAT, 1 TER
Number of trunk outputs 8 SAT, 1 TER
Subscriber outputs 20
Product Depth 240 mm
Packing QTY 1
Product Width 300 mm
Product Height 51 mm

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