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Article number: 301034

TBF 1080 - White

Article number: 301035

TBF 1080G - Grey

Article number: 301092

TBF 2IP 2MP IPCam fix lens PoE

Article number: 301093

TBF 4IP 4MP IPCam Fix Lens PoE

Article number: 301016

TBF 720 - White

Article number: 301017

TBF 720G - Grey

Article number: 301102

TBF720-28 720p TVICamera 2.8mm

Article number: 301103

TBF720-28G 720p TVICamera2.8mm

Article number: 301029

TBV 1080 - White

CCTV Cameras

TRIAX supplies both HD-TVI and IP solutions for broadcast quality images suitable for a wide range of installations and budgets.

We believe these technologies offer you and your clients the best solutions currently available.

HD-TVI offers the best overall performance and most flexibility with detailed HD images, greater transmission distances, hybrid capabilities and is easily configured.

HD-TVI DVRs are also unique as they are compatible with existing analogue and HD-TVI cameras, while supporting IP cameras up to 2MP on any channel in any configuration.


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