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Article number: 301043

TDF 2IP 1080p TVI

Article number: 301036

TDV 1080 - White

Article number: 301029

TBV 1080 1080P TVI cam 2.8-12

Article number: 301034

TBF 2IP 1080p TVI

Article number: 301123

TDV 2MP 1080p TVI Camera

Article number: 301121

TBV 2MP 1080p TVI Camera

TVI Camera

The HD-TVI Advantage

  • Transmit video, audio and bi-directional data communication signals over one coaxial cable
  • High resolution HD 720p and 1080p
  • HD video transmission without loss or delay
  • Long transmission distances
  • Easy to install – use existing wiring structures (Coax or Cat5/6/7)
  • Use with Triax Hybrid DVRs (THDR) featuring P2P technology

Offering superior image quality, TVI Cameras are a great choice for public areas where HD images and recording are required:

  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Colleges
  • Retail Shopping Centres
  • Airports
  • Football Stadiums
  • Concert Halls

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