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Article number: 349802

SCS 2 - 2 way splitter

Article number: 349803

SCS 3 - 3 way splitter

Article number: 343256

ACV 16 - 16 way splitter

Article number: 343242

ACS 2 - 2 way splitter

Article number: 343244

ACS 4 - 4 way splitter

Article number: 342820

SCT 8-20 - 8 way tap

Article number: 343155

ABS 8, 8--way Splitter 1.3GHz

Article number: 343246

ACS 6 - 6 way splitter

Article number: 343248

ACS 8 - 8 way splitter

Taps & splitters

Taps and Splitters

TRIAX offers a fine selection of high quality taps and splitters. We do not compromise even the simplest passive distribution component for your Distribution Network. Neither should you!

Taps: divide a small portion of the signal on the trunk line to tap lines.

Splitters: divide the signal from a trunk line into equal portions to the outputs.




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