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Article number: 307001

TFA 03 SC/APC - opt. att 3dB

Article number: 307688

TFA 05 FC/PC - opt.att 5 dB

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Article number: 307002

TFA 05 SC/APC - opt.att 5dB

Article number: 307690

TFA 10 FC/PC - opt.att 10 dB

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Article number: 307003

TFA 10 SC/APC - opt.att 10dB

Article number: 307692

TFA 15 FC/PC - opt.att 15 dB

Optical adaptors and attenuators

TRIAX fibre-optic accessories – for building optical networks.

Adapters allow interconnection between different types of cables. Attenuators are available in different varieties for compensating and balancing optical distribution networks.

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