Samsung DRM Licence

Send out the right signals.

The Samsung DRM Licence from TRIAX is the safe and cost effective way to encrypt video and display it reliably on your hotel’s Samsung TVs.

Simply install the software licence onto your TRIAX Black Edition Headend, configure with our easy to use interface, and you’ll be sending out encrypted content in no time.

The Samsung Hospitality TVs descramble the signals on the fly, ensuring you have complete control over the content available to your guests.

Your benefits include:

  • Cost savings: cheaper and more effective than hardware-based content protection systems
  • Time savings: easy to install and configure with our straightforward headend interface
  • Flexible: choose your video source and take control over where it is displayed
  • Fully supported: part of TRIAX’s complete hospitality solution, ensuring reliable, hassle-free video and internet distribution in hotels.

For more information and technical specifications, visit our product page or talk to one of our friendly advisers.

Hospitality TV Headend
Part of the TRIAX Hospitality Solution.

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