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Exploding demand for Bandwidth

Consumer demands for high-speed internet connectivity continues to grow exponentially and will be the fundamental driver for all network operators choice of  investments in network upgrades.

The constant fight for market shares will continue to put a pressure on prices why operators need to think about cost-effective, competitive solutions for establishing their network infrastructure and service portfolio.

Managing the entire network from backbone through last-mile and in-home devices will gain importance.

Despite the need of a robust and reliable network there is still a requirement for future flexibility as needs most likely will change. Therefore choice of optimal network architecture will be individual for each operator depending on already established network topology, current installed technology as well as plans for expansion.

Through deep technological knowledge about Docsis 3.1, HFC and fiber networks, a solid platform development strategy as well as flexibility, TRIAX is providing solutions and tailormade customer specific products to support operators approach building future proof and cost optimal networks.

TRIAX is well positioned for the future

"TRIAX together with our technology partners has been supplying products and solutions to operators for decades and we are trusted to deliver High Reliable products and Specialist knowledge. We understand by heart the quality requirements to the network, delivering the backbone for the rapid growing need for connectivity and bandwidth.

We work with a defined platform strategy, invest in building strong modular platforms prepared for future market requirements. The “platform thinking” makes us flexible and enables our highly skilled engineering teams to adjust products to individual customers needs and deliver Best quality at a Fast turnaround."

- Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt, CEO

BKtel and TRIAX partnership providing End to End solutions for MSO

As consumer demands for high-speed internet explode, European MSO’s are faced with substantial investments in network upgrades.

A new partnership between German BKtel and Danish TRIAX aims at creating an end-to-end solution for MSO’s that significantly reduces risk and complexity in upgrades and network expansion.

The DOCSIS 3.1 standard, which is a prerequisite for high-speed internet on coax networks, demands an upgrade of the entire network from the Headend to the home of each and every consumer.

For MSO’s, this has until now meant juggling several hardware suppliers, each covering their part of the network, making such an upgrade a high-risk endeavor that demanded both specialist competencies in building the total network solution and left the MSO alone with the responsibility if something went wrong.

Bringing two specialized suppliers of HFC and in-house equipment together, the partnership between BKtel and TRIAX seeks to mitigate that risk, by offering end-to-end solutions based on high quality and own developed products, as the partnership offers full access to the complementary product ranges of BKtel and TRIAX.

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Solutions and products

End to End offering for building next generation Fibre-optic and coax cable networks.

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Professional network services for Cable and FTTx operators

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