Guest entertainment

What would you like to offer your guests?

When it comes to guest TV, it’s not a question hoteliers agonise over every day. Nor should you: in today’s ever more personalised media landscape, more and more guests simply expect to access the streaming services they’re used to at home.

How do you want to offer it?

It’s not all about the number of services you can offer. To meet the demand for streaming content, just connect every in-room TV to a network. And once the TVs are connected, the possibilities are endless...

Adding value on demand

  • Open up a huge range of connected services that add value for hotel guests.
  • Examples include Video on Demand, guest Wi-Fi or inhouse promotional channels.

Home from home streaming

  • Serve guests their own streaming services directly onto hotel TVs.
  • Fastest network in its class, for reliable OTT streaming and low-latency gaming.

High quality network

  • High bandwidth, low latency and the most reliable IP over coax performance.
  • Perfect for a wide range of guest entertainment possibilities.



Cast away

The growth in the streaming market is exploding: subscribers number in the hundreds of millions, and new services can acquire millions just on launch day.

That’s more and more guests with their own films, TV, music and sport already in their pockets. They’ll want to cast directly to their in-room TV, preferably in Ultra HD.



Game changer

Cloud gaming is another market booming, while traditional TV declines.

With interest from a wider demographic than you might expect, male and female guests of all ages will be hoping to keep on playing during their stay, in the highest quality possible. All you need to do, is let them connect.

no disruption



Serving guests content you control also adds huge value to the guest experience.

IPTV makes a vast range of connected services possible, such as Video on Demand or in-house promotional channels. All accessed from a welcome menu that meets your hotel’s unique brand.

How it works

You already have the TV cables. All that’s needed is one Controller to handle the data flow, and End Points installed near every TV outlet.

Alongside fast and reliable WiFi, we deliver a fully managed network that guest and private devices can access separately, securely and quickly. wave 2 technology ensures TV signals remain unaffected and sets won't require retuning.

Add in our EoC Ethernet WiFi Endpoint with PoE to areas covered only by Ethernet cables, and manage a complete WiFi solution all from the same Controller.

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