HFC Access networks

Complete HFC network overview

The new DOCSIS 3.1 standard provides for significantly higher data transmission capacity in HFC networks. As well as efficient error correction and extended modulation profiles, the use of a wider frequency range up to 1.2 GHz also creates more bandwidth.

The optical compact nodes allow network operators to benefit in full of these advantages. They are designed for frequency ranges up to 1218 MHz in the forward path and up to 204 MHz in the return path but can also be used without restriction in existing networks.

The electronic frequency range changeover and particularly high output levels allow network upgrades to be implemented step-by-step without problems.

250x250 pictures compact nodes

Optical Compact Nodes

Flexible and powerful range of 1.2 GHz optical nodes.

250x250 pictures RF compact amplifiers

RF Compact Amplifiers

Wide range of Docsis 3.1 approved compact amplifiers


Optical Compact Nodes

Flexible and powerful range of Docsis 3.1 compliant 1.2 GHz optical nodes.

Extract of smart Innovative features:

  • One to four high-level outputs (trunk/distribution, two separate end stages)
  • Full redundancy operation available in forwards and return path
  • Segmentation available in the downstream and upstream
  • One or two single or twin optical pluggable receiver modules (1 ... 4 receivers)
  • One or two plug-in return path transmitters for segmentation, coupling or redundancy
  • Electronically settable matrix in the forwards path and return path
  • Innovative operating concept: Electronic actuators, setting via a hand-held operating device or Web browser
Brochure optical compact nodes    
Optical Compact Nodes  


RF Compact Amplifiers

TRIAX provides a wide range of Docsis 3.1 approved compact amplifiers with monitoring capability for interactive HFC networks.

Extract of smart Innovative features:

  • Electronic actuators, set up via Wi-Fi module and handheld device (settings can be saved in the Web browser and on PC/handheld device)
  • Automatic levelling on the forward path saves time-consuming manual calibration
  • Return path can be pre-adjusted automatically
  • Remote configuration of all tuning parameters supported by the monitoring system (can be activated/deactivated)
  • High gain (up to 46 dB uncontrolled), configurable interstage
  • Plug-in diplexers and Built-in return path amplifier, adjustable gain
Brochure compact amplifier    
Compact amplifiers  

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