Guest communication your fingertips

Deliver services, information and marketing to guests discreetly and effectively, with our interactive communication platform powered by one unique management tool.

Entice your guests with the right messages at the right time, ensuring they avail themselves of everything you have to offer.

Display what you want, where you want and when you want it.

TRIAX In Touch your fingertips

  • Maximise revenue from your guests’ stay
  • Improve guest experiences, improve reviews
  • Simple setup, configuration and management

What you want

Information, services, and promotions, delivered to guests across the hotel.

In Touch r3 intro whatyouwant

Where you want

Deliver to guest room TVs, digital signage displays and guests’ own devices, to maximise guest comfort and profit from their stay.

In Touch r3 intro whereyouwant

When you want

Automatically change your messaging to suit the time of day or day of the week, for maximum guest attention and profit.

In Touch r3 intro whenyouwantIn Touch r3 intro timewheel.jpg

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For further information and inspiration on the elements that make up your bespoke solution, a full range of TRIAX In Touch infosheets is available.

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