IPTV - give guests the best entertainment

  • Fast, reliable IPTV services to guests
  • Delivered over existing coax cables
  • Low costs: no need for new cabling
  • No disruption: quick, discreet installation

Give guests the entertainment they demand with the new TRIAX EoC MediaConverter.

TRIAX EoC uses the coax cables already installed to send IPTV services around a hotel. That’s a fast, reliable gigabit IP network ready for all the IPTV services a hotel wishes to offer – without the cost and disruption of new cables.
The TRIAX EoC MediaConverter fits snugly onto the back of each TV, sending out the network signals while maintaining the standard DVB TV signals.

Installed across the hotel quickly and efficiently, TRIAX EoC opens up a huge new range of viewing possibilities that satisfies the guest demands of today and the future.

Connected TVs, contented guests

Our best-in-class G.hn Wave 2 technology makes all the benefits of IPTV services possible, for a fraction of the price and none of the installation disruption.

adding value on demand


Adding value on demand

  • Open up a huge range of connected services that add value for hotel guests.
    Examples include Video on Demand, guest Wi-Fi or in-house promotional channels.

casting streaming gaming


Home from home streaming

  • Serve guests their own streaming services directly onto hotel TVs.
  • Fastest network in its class, for reliable OTT streaming and low-latency gaming.

High quality network


High quality network

  • High bandwidth, low latency and the most reliable IP over coax performance.
  • Perfect for a wide range of guest entertainment possibilities.

key points - media converter

The TRIAX EoC family

Unleash the power of your existing cables.

Our full suite of EoC products delivers fast, reliable networking over coax, with no drilling, no new cabling, and no rooms out of service.

EoC Controller
The EoC backbone sends Data & TV signals around the hotel.

EoC MediaConverter
Separates IPTV services and DVB TV signals; competitively priced.

EoC WiFi End Point
Fast, reliable guest Wi-Fi to every corner of the hotel, and DVB.

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