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OTX 1310 SAT FO Headend Kit

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The OTX 1310 SAT Fibre Optic Headend Kit consists of the Wideband LNB TWB 40 and the OTX 1310 SAT FO Transmitter including the wall plug PSU. This headend enables to distribute the vertical and horizontal SAT widebands combined with terrestrial broadcast channels over a fibre optic (FO) network to a large amount of buildings and homes.

The TWB 40 should be installed on a TRIAX dish with diameter 85...120cm. The OTX transmitter unit can be mounted in- or out-door. A special bracket for mount on the mast can be ordered as OTX-MB (307789).

The OTX Transmitter has two coaxial RF inputs for connecting with the vertical and horizontal SAT-IF signal cables coming from the Wideband LNB.The LNB is voltage supplied from the V- port (+12V) and the H-port (+20V). Please note: the LNB TWB 40 uses the V-port for DC supply only. The OTX Transmitter unit itself consists of the frequency stacker for the SAT-IF H and V bands and the TER band and the laser transmitter. The OTX FO Headend is able to drive a PON (Passive Optical Network) with optical split up to 32 outlines where the TRIAX optical re-converters TVQ 06, TVC 06 and TOM 08 M/S can be connected directly.

OTX 1310 designed with 1310nm laser transmitter is the most cost efficiantly variant within the OTX family and supports the standard applications as described above.The optical network can be significantly expanded by using of active TRIAX FO Repeaters OTO 32 (307787).

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