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TDC3 dSCR Optical Converter with Terrestrial

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Integrated services on a Single fibre

  • SAT IF distribution over fibre optics (FO) can supply many households over larger distances, with feed from a central satellite dish station.
  • Almost lossless transmission of satellite, DVB-T and DAB signals. Attenuation per 1000 m only about 0.3 dB.
  • Future-proof and widest possible variety of channels.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Wideband IF signals are transmitted over one optical fibre using a Wideband LNB.
  • Space-saving installation - a 3 mm optical fibre replaces five 7 mm coaxial cables.

The TDC3 has 2 dSCR/Quad outputs and a separate Terrestrial output.

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