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TDcH 22STC-I Compact Headend

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Product Number: 492782

TDcH Compact Headend with CI Interfaces

Fransat Pro certified and Tivùsat certified  

DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C conversion to QAM or COFDM (switchable) with the possibility to decrypt services centrally in the headend.
Built for both wall mounting and 19” racks and equipped with 4 DVB-S/S2 inputs, 1 DVB-T/T2/C input, 16 DVB-S2X tuners, 6 DVB-T/T2/C tuners, 16 QAM or COFDM (switchable) modulators and 8 CI slots.
The TDcH compact headend is optimised and engineered to meet specific TV distribution requirements in hospitality, multi-dwelling units and related sectors with an appealing, competitive cost per service ratio.
Our brand new, intuitive platform smoothly integrates easy installation, an elegant graphical user interface, central decryption, remote access, and straightforward TV service updates with LCN.


  • 4 x SAT IF inputs with integrated multiswitch
  • 1 x Terr / Cable input with integreated spliter
  • 16 x DVB-S2 tuners
  • 6 x DVB-T/T2/C tuners
  • 8 x CI interfaces
  • 16 x QAM or COFDM full band modulators
  • Electronically adjustable output level
  • Suitable for adjacent channels
  • Symbol rates and modulation individually adjustable
  • Multiplexing & IP pool
  • TV-Service Multiplexing from all inputs at each output transponder to optimize available bandwidth
  • TV-Service Multiplexing at the CA-modules to reduce amount of CAM’s
  • Integrated Satellite Channel Router (SCR) multiswitch*
  • Reception of up to 4 satellite positions with each 2 polarizations and 2 frequency bands
  • Transport Stream Processing
  • Network Information Table (NIT) for complete headend station
  • LCN (Logical Channel Numbering)
  • SID, TSID and ONID management
  • To handle conflicts during multiplexing
  • To handle changes if required
  • PID management
  • To handle PID conflicts
  • PID filtering to reduce audio channels from a TV service
  • Distribute TV services multiple times with different languages
  • In case of service changes to secure no new TV channel tune
  • EPG management
  • To manage the amount of EPG-data distributed in an output transponder
  • To support TVs with EPG data from all TV services without the need of retuning all transponders
  • Service Filtering with the option for
  • Remove unwanted services
  • Remove services for minimize data rate-
  • Real time output load measurement
  • Dashboard
  • System information and overview without login
  • HTML user interface via self-signed HTTPS


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