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TDcH IP-IN 4 Licence

Product Number: 418745

Supports 4 SPTS or MPTS IP-in streams


Number of IP input streams

max 4 SPTS/MPTS UDP/RTP Multicast Streams

Data interface

1 x 1000 Base-T SFP or Fibre SFP ; 1000BaseX (SerDes) mode


IEEE802.3 Ethernet

SPTS/MPTS Streaming (VBR) including PAT, PMT. Optional tables: SDT, CAT and EIT

Multicast UDP and RTP MPEG Transport Stream

NOTE: If SDT does not exist then will the service name is set to “service_x” (where x = SID) in the GUI and at the output. The service can be renamed at the output page in the GUI.



Ethernet IP packet format

MPEG2 (ISO/IEC 13818-1) over UDP/IP und RTP/IP

IP-Packet size

1-7 x 188-byte TS packets pr. IP packet


max. 950 Mbit/s at SFP interface for all Multicast Streams


The IP-input can be routed to CAM, Scrambler and QAM/COFDM/IP outputs.


Inside the SPTS/MPTS Multicast Stream for current service(s) or via alternative source (another configured Multicast Stream)

NOTE: If the EIT is received via alternative source then the SID must be unique for all services received via this alternative source.


Supports IGMPv2. If Source is specified in the GUI then is IGMPv3 with SSM (Source Specific Multicast) supported.
Only one multicast can be received pr. IP-address & port  ->  It is not possible to setup different sources at same IP address & ports.

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