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SAT-SCR LNB Incl. 2 x Universal outputs

• High quality and efficient DCSS + 2xLegacy LNB
• Advanced PLL technology
• Excellent cross polar rejection
• Low noise / phase noise
• High gain / low power consumption
• Weather resistant with sliding cover
• 24 User Bands
• Complete range of Single, Twin, Quad, Quattro, Octo and other types on request

DCSS Technology

Digital channel stacking technology (DCSS) enables installations with up to 24 satellite receivers connected over a single coax cable and using the EN50494/EN50607 protocols - also known as “Dynamic” mode. In this mode, the satellite receivers can access any transponder of the received satellite.

Digital channel stacking technology uses fast wideband analogue to digital converters and applies digital signal processing to select desired transponder channels, up convert them and stack them as IF signals over the output port.

DCSS LNBs offer a cost effective and elegant solution for distributing the satellite signals to multi-tuner (headends) over one cable (mostly existing cabling) hence significantly reducing cost and complexity of the installation.


  • Increases the number of satellite positions up to 4 that can be received with the TDcH
  • Save installation time, cost and space with less hardware and cabling
  • Reuse of existing cables to expand the solution to more satellite positions


TDcH Installation Example:

Installation with TDCSS 024 LNBs:

With 4 TDCSS 024 LNBs and only 4 cables, up to 4 satellites positions and 16 polarizations can be received.

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