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TdSCR 512 Multiswitch, 5 Inputs 12 Subscriber Outputs

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Product Number: 318196

TdSCR 504/506/508/512/516

The only switch you need
Independent outputs for legacy or dSCR mode; can be used as cascade or standalone.

European IRS Certification Scheme
TdSCR multiswitches are certified to the EICS scheme demonstrating the high quality of the solution and compatibility with all major satellite and TV platforms.

Ultimate flexibility
With your choice of 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 outputs, TRIAX multiswitches are compatible with Quattro and Wideband LNBs, and support 1 or 2 satellite positions.

NEW - 4 Way Remote Powered
When no landlord supply is available (TdSCR 504RP only)

LED’s on Consumer Outputs
6, 8 & 12 way.  4 & 16 way to follow.

We ensure you live up to your own customer promises.

Reduce costs
Low power consumption means you can build large, cascadable systems with a single PSU connected at any point in the system.

Easy planning and installation
Simple integration with existing TRIAX solutions; 5x Quick F connectors included.

Safety first
Earth Bars included for all subscriber outputs.

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