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TDX Pro:Idiom® IP Backend

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Product Number: 492073

TDX Backend - Pro:Idiom ®* IP Output Module

The Pro:Idiom® IP output module is an TDX module for transmission of digital video, audio and miscellaneous data, encapsulated within one or more MPEG/DVB single program transport streams. The Pro:Idiom® IP output module support DRM function for LG hospitality TVs to secure protected distribution of the IPTV-services in a IP Network. Each TDX main unit can be equipt with two Pro:Idiom® IP output modules.

The TDX headend system provides the following functionality when the Pro:Idiom® IP output module has been installed:

  • IP multicast streaming (UDP streaming)
  • RTP option
  • IGMP version 2
  • SPTS including SDT, PAT, PMT, CAT
  • Packet ratio of 3-7 TS packet per IP packet ratio 3-7:1
  • 48 services per Pro:Idiom® IP output module/AUX socket and 24 of them can be scrambled with Pro:Idiom®
  • Possible to change service ID (SID)
  • Possible to select from IP via Link
  • 2 x CI slots complying EN 50 221

The backend module package consist of:

  • IP output module
  • Auxiliary board
  • SFP transceiver RJ45 - copper

* Pro:Idiom® is a registered trademark of Zenith Electronics LLC

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