59 Product (s)
Article number: 322407


Article number: 307883

DFP 2729/65, Diplex Filter

Article number: 307828

OTBM 1530nm Return Tx CWDM

Article number: 307823

OTBM 1430nm Return Tx CWDM

Article number: 322415


Article number: 307880

DFP 2729/30, Diplex Filter

Article number: 322417


Article number: 307892

FPA 2729/13, Low Pass Rx Flt.

Article number: 307714

TTSI 112, TAP 2-way for ORB

Optical fibre node modules

Optical fibre nodes - plug-in modules

  • TRX are receiver modules for local control and forward path monitoring
  • OTBM are return channels modules
  • TTX are return channel transmitter modules
  • DPF are diplexer modules
  • FPA are filter modules
  • TJMP are bridge modules
  • TSTI are destributor modules
  • TTSI are tap modules

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