Conditional Access System

Conditional Access Turn-key Solutions:

TRIAX is the right partner for turn-key solution projects. We support operators with the full spectrum of services which digital TV projects require. TRIAX is a partner who consults, manages and delivers a complete project of digital TV operation.


Range of services:

  • Head-end planning, installation and maintenance
  • Receivers, encoders, multiplexers, modulators
  • Employee training


Plug & Play Hardware

All our hardware is plug & play. You can easily install it with little prior knowledge. Its configuration will be downloaded from our central server and a continuous backup will ensure data integrity at all times. Faulty hardware simply needs to be exchanged and will automatically get the identical configuration the replaced hardware has had without any further steps needed.

If you choose our powerful cluster system with redundant hardware design, you can reduce your downtime in case of a defect to essentially zero. The redundant hardware will take over the operation automatically in case of failure of the main hardware, which then can easily be investigated and/or replaced.



Today‘s and tomorrow‘s threats are always part of our awareness. We do not react on piracy, we act in advance! A set of available countermeasures and stand-by technologies allow continuity. Control words generated by scramblers in the head-end that protect the broadcast content are secured along the whole signal chain. Unique keys branded into secure chipsets together with watermarking technology effectively prevent control word sharing on all scales. Copy protection is a must for a conditional access system. The Solution supports URI (user rule information) flags in its ECM/EMM structure in order to effectively provide a CA based and headend controlled copy protection mechanism. Behaviour of personal video recorders will be fully controlled by the head-end. Set top boxes and CI+ devices are available and fully support this.

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