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TRIAX Black Edition

is the ultimate choice when delivering reliable solutions to the hospitality sector. Our solutions fully support upgrades and new installations.

The TDX Black Edition cabinet is designed with up to 16 input modules and 6 Quad output modules; it is extremely compact and can


Article number: 492095

The IPTV EPG Server provides EPG data to IP-set top boxes, IP-televisions and middleware solutions, e.g. the EPG server extracts data from DVB-S and DVB-T front end modules enabling it to populate the EPG Guides on hotel IPTV displays.

DVB-S/S2 input module - QPSK and 8PSK demodulator. The DVB-S module is able to receive a complete transponder. All services on the chosen frequency will be transferred to the TDX pool. Input frequency: 950-2150. Supports DiSEqC 1.1

Article number: 418048

IP-in 4 IP services – Extension pack - 418048

For additional IP-in services an IPTV-in extension pack of 4 extra licensees can be ordered.
When ordering licensees for IP-in, please inform TRIAX of the serial number and the ID-number of the TDX main unit. It can be found in the TDX GUI.


HDMI encoder module
The HDMI encoder module converts digital audio and video signals from a set top box, a DVD player, a camera, laptop or other sources, into a MPEG data stream. This data stream is then HDMIlaibable in the TDX pool and can be sent out on all TDX output modules.

For software


Article number: 492072

TDX Backend - IP Output Module

The IP output module is an output module for transmission of digital video, audio and miscellaneous data, encapsulated within one or more MPEG/DVB single program transport streams.

The TDX headend system provides the following functionality when the IP out module has been


Article number: 492050

TDX backend PAL output module - Quad FTA. Any of the services coming from the TDX Pool can be modulated to an analogue PAL signal. It is possible to send out 24 PAL services/TV programs from one cabinet. Each of the output modules can be delivered with 2 CI-slots. Full band modulator.



Article number: 492055

QAM Quad output module. It is possible to create your own bouquets of services/TV programs, available in the TDX Pool, and put them together in a QAM data stream. Depending on the bandwidth of each service it is possible to mix all the services and use the total bandwidth in an optimal way.

Article number: 492023

DVB-T2 input module.
COFDM demodulator
Input frequency:177, 5 - 226,5 / 474-862. Demodulator/Mode: 16QAM, 64QAM / 2k and 8k.


TDX Headend - Quite simply a revolution

Forget everything you know about headends. With TRIAX TDX you move into a completely new world. TRIAX's revolutionary IP pool technology simplifies the setting up and handling of headends. This technology makes the input and output modules mutually independent.

All input signals, regardless of whether they are received via satellite, terrestrial, cable, audio/video or via the Internet, are flexibly and independently distributed from an IP pool to each and every module.

Each of these input signals can be converted to any output signal: PAL, QAM, COFDM and IP, and because the input signals are not fixed to any particular outputs, an input signal can be assigned to several output modules. It's that simple.

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