40 Product (s)
Article number: 343516

CA 1008-20 - 8 way tap

Article number: 343530

CA 1065-14 - Power Inserter

Article number: 343546

CA 1208-20, 8-way Tap 20dB

Article number: 343520

CA 1002-4 F - 2 way splitter

Article number: 343505

CA 1002-14 - 2 way tap

Article number: 343549

CA 1265-14 Power Inserter 1.2G

Article number: 343515

CA 1008-17 - 8 way tap

Article number: 343534

CA 1202-11, 2-way Tap 11dB

Article number: 343536

CA 1202-17, 2-way Tap 17dB

Outdoor taps & splitters

TRIAX outdoor taps and splitters

  • Outdoor trunk taps and splitters with frequency ranges from 5 to 1200 MHz
  • All ports impedance: 75 Ohm
  • In-out current passing: 12 A
  • Surge protection 2kV 1.2/50uS
  • Shielding Class A (EN 50083-2)

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