MFS 2 Mast splitter

Article number: 167190

Product description:

MFS 2 Mast splitter Outdoor

2 way wideband 5...2400Mhz splitter w/ DC pass

  • UV resistant weather proof housing
  • Easy mount:
  • - Opens w/ piston slide
  • - all F connectors on one side
  • - plastic strip for quick fasten at mast


EAN Number 5702661671906
Type Splitter
Input 1 - frequency 5...2400 MHz
Insertion loss (in-out) 5-40 Mhz 4.0 dB
Insertion loss (in-out) 40-1000 Mhz 4.5 dB
Insertion loss (in-out) 1000-1750 Mhz 6.2 dB
Insertion loss (in-out) 1750-2150 Mhz 6.5 dB
Insertion loss (in-out) 2150-2400 Mhz 6.8 dB
Isolation (tap-tap) 5-40 MHz 20.0 dB
Isolation (tap-tap) 40-1000 MHz 22.0 dB
Isolation (tap-tap) 1000-1750 MHz 22.0 dB
Isolation (tap-tap) 1750-2150 MHz 22.0 dB
Isolation (tap-tap) 2150-2400 MHz 22.0 dB
Return loss (in-out) 5-40 MHz 14.0 dB
Return loss (in-out) 40-1000 MHz 12.0 dB
Return loss (in-out) 1000-1750 MHz 12.0 dB
Return loss (in-out) 1750-2150 MHz 12.0 dB
Return loss (in-out) 2150-2400 MHz 12.0 dB
DC Passthrough Yes (max. 25VDC / 0.5A)
Connector Type F-female
Number of inputs 1
Number of outputs 2
Product Height 80 mm
Product Depth 42 mm
Product Length 93 mm
Packing QTY 1
Packaging Height 0,080 m
Packaging Width 0,093 m
Packaging Depth 0,042 m
Net Weight 0,100 kg
Tara Weight 0,008 kg
Total Weight 0,108 kg

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