R-PHY distributed access

R-PHY network overview

HFC functions that usually reside in the DOCSIS CMTS are distributed closer to the user Leading to:

  • “Digital” instead of legacy “analog” fiber application of standard mass market 10GE transmission technology to increase network bandwidth
  • Reduction and standardization of hardware in the headend (hub): CORD – Central office re-architecture as data center
  • Enabling Converged Interconnect Networks (CIN) service integration (lower OPEX), enabling new business services like 5G mobile backhauling

Interoperation with Various CCAPs

  • Participation at CableLabs Interop events
  • Successfull end-to-end Interop testing with Cisco and Casa
  • Successful modem connection with Arris

It is possible to field upgrade existing optical Nodes to R-PHY Nodes.

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