TRIAX provides a full set of services to guarantee the best results for our customers in installing new technology and maintaining existing products. We want to do more than simply selling products, we aim at maximizing our customers’ revenue, saving costs and improving quality.

250x250 - complete network training

Network Planning

Assistance to network planners and operators for planning of HFC and FTTx networks.

TRIAX Academy - ready to assist

Training academy

Full training program in different countries and languages.

Network planning

With over 20 years experience developing products for specific application areas as well as pool of expert resources, TRIAX can assist in the design and planning of network upgrades or design. Both when an existing network is to be upgraded for increasing bandwidth capacity or installation of new FTTx networks.

All planning and designs are carried out in close coordination with our customers to ensure full alignment and cost optimal recommendations.

The planning can include elements such as:

  • Analysis of existing network infrastructure
  • Site survey & planning concept
  • Detailed network planning from Headend to in house
  • Device list for budgetary use


Training Academy

Our specially developed range of training programs covers a wide range of TRIAX product categories and is aimed at installers or service and support providers, for installing and maintenance of systems.

Training is conducted hands-on or via webinars, in a range of countries and in various languages.

We have a wide range of Seminars available to support your business.

See our avaiable Seminars

We are also ready to offer specially designed trainings to fit your needs - please contact us, if you need training for our broadband solutions.

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Want to learn more about how TRIAX can support your business with our great experience and reliable products, ready to assist the networks of the future?

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TRIAX Nordic & ROW

adding value on demand

Martin E. Solander
Sales director

Tel: +45 29 25 05 17


adding value on demand

Stephan Fauser
Managing Director

Tel: +49 171 44 86 797

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