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TDX IPTV-out 12 service - Start

IP output SFP. When the incoming signals are distributed in the IP format, you will need a copper or fibre SFP (RJ45) and additional SW. The start package (item no. 418040) for IP is for 12 IP services. When ordering software for IP, please inform TRIAX of the serial number of the ID-no. of the TDX main unit. The article numbers are: 418040 - TDX IPTV 12 service - Start


EAN Number5702664180405


Packaging Height 0.000 m
Packaging Width 0.000 m
Packaging Depth 0.000 m
Packaging Volume 0.000 m3
Net Weight 0.000 kg
Tara Weight 0.000 kg
Total Weight 0.000 kg
RemarksStartpaket für 12 IP-out Services