Case studies

Find out how our seamlessly integrated TRIAX solutions are helping customers achieve their business goals worldwide.

Agape Aparthotel

With an existing service that was difficult to manage and the cause of some guest dissatisfaction, Agape Aparthotel turned to TRIAX to overhaul its current setup and install the Ethernet over Coax + WiFi solution. After a rapid and disruption-free installation, the result is a fully managed network over coax cables, with reliable WiFi coverage in every apartment.

Familotel Feldberger Hof

On the lookout for a WiFi solution, Feldberger Hof once again turned to TRIAX, after their successful TV headend installation. TRIAX Ethernet over Coax was installed over a short period using the existing coaxial infrastructure, connecting 40 apartments.

Hungarian Parliament Buildings

TRIAX took just two days to update rooftop satellite receivers, install two TDX headends and refresh much of the distribution infrastructure, to ensure members and staff of the Hungarian National Assembly could stay informed with the latest news bulletins from around the world.

La Casa Del Torrente, Corsica

For many customers, especially those on extended breaks, it’s just as important to be able to enjoy reliable, high-quality WiFi that keeps the whole family connected out in the natural environment of the Gulf of Porto, Corsica.

TRIAX, together with its installer partner CORSICA SATELLITE, deployed the EoC solution to all the chalets at La Casa Del Torrente.

Private dwelling, Sweden

A quick and painless Ethernet over Coax + WiFi installation has transformed the networking at a private property in Sweden, satisfying the needs of the discerning private homeowner, and delivering a solution that would benefit B+Bs, hostels, farmsteads or similar guest properties:

Saltviks Camping

In summer 2018, TRIAX rolled out its Ethernet over Coax + WiFi solution to the huts at Saltviks Camping, Sweden. Each and every hut now enjoys a fast and reliable WiFi signal, overcoming many of the problems encountered with the previous service such as intermittent signals and patchy coverage.

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