TDH 800 Modular Headend - the all-rounder with innovative pool technology

The TDH 800 headend is ideal for those looking for a flexible, compact and reliable solution, with a range of input and output modules for all popular TV distribution formats. If you need additional features such as multi unit or IP-in/out, then please select the TDX headend.


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Easy installation
  • Housing designed to accommodate up to 16 input and 6 quad output modules, making it possible to support 12 CAM modules
  • Can easily be installed on a wall or a 19“ cabinet
  • All input and output modules as well as all cables can be accessed and operated easily from the front
  • Input and output modules identified via TRIAX supplied labels
  • DiSEqC 1.0 functionality
  • Saves time on installation


Intuitive configuration
  • Browser-based user interface configuration without additional software
  • Easy, intuitive step-by-step configuration
  • The four adjacent output channels per output module can be freely selected across the full frequency range
  • MUX bandwidth monitor to ensure that the MUX is not overloaded
  • PID Management – No need for retuning TV sets in rooms when services are changed
  • LED to indicate operation and errors on each module


Effortless service handling
  • Input modules are independent of output modules, resulting in a smaller number of modules overall. Fewer modules – allows easy spare part handling
  • Log file on all TDH 800
  • On-location access to the TDH system for installer and/or TRIAX support


IP Pool and Multiplex technology
  • Up to 16 input modules in a combination of DVS-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, AV and HDMI in
  • Up to 6 Quad-output modules for up to 24 channels in any combination of PAL, QAM, COFDM
  • More relevant TV services because of service filtering and multiplexing
  • Output modules support up to 2 CAM modules. With full configuration per base up to 12 CAM modules possible
  • IP Pool-Technology - Input and Output modules are independent of each other


Energy-saving – long-term reliability
  • 16 tuners and 6 backends fully loaded - only 280 W power consumption
  • Intelligent cooling system with integrated fans – increases the service life of the equipment
  • The cooling system supports 19 “rack/cabinet mounting


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Product and Modules

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