TRIAX Academy: Ethernet over Coax

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Basic Training

What you learn

Duration: 10 minutes (webinar)

Prerequisites: NONE

The course will introduce you to the TRIAX EoC.

  • What is TRIAX EoC ?
  • Introduction to
  • Introduction to the TRIAX EoC Components.
    • Controller
    • Endpoint
    • Return Path Filter
  • Installation Example
  • The benefits of TRIAX EoC

What you should know before attending

You do not need to know the product before attending this seminar.

For webinars you will need to log in to a live presentation via you pc. Speakers or headset is needed, and if you wish to ask questions, you can do that either in writing or by using your microphone.


EoC Intermediate training

What you learn

All you need to know to install EoC

  • Triax EoC Components
    • Controllers
    • Endpoints
    • Return Path Filter
  • Triax EoC Facts
    • Frequency range
    • Bandwidth
    • WiFi
  • Hardware Setup
  • Connecting / Management
  • Installation Wizard
    • Software updates
    • Date and Time settings
    • Restore configuration from backup
    • hn Filters (Notch filter ?)
    • WiFi settings (WiFi Parameters ?)
    • Configuration Groups (VLAN Refresh !)
  • Installing Endpoints
  • Dashboard (Verifying the Installation)
  • Understanding
  • Benchmark
  • ‘Last minute’ Questions
  • Hands-on: Setup & Dashboard
  • What did you experience?
  • Hands-on: Attenuation & Speed
  • What did you experience?
  • End Part 1 (Intermediate)
  • Product Registration Tool
    • Demo of EoC registering
    • Demo of license purchase
  • Triax Support Helpdesk
    • Demo of solutions
    • Demo of create a ticket

What you should know before attending

The training is technical and your prerequisite knowledge should be EoC BASIC or equivalent.

It is not needed that you have tried to set up and configure a system before, as you will learn this during the trainings hands on.

You have to bring your own laptop pc, as you have to log in to the network via Wi-Fi.


EoC Advanced training (not yet available)

What you learn

What you should know before attending

Prerequisites: Triax Academy EoC INTERMEDIATE course or equivalent (being able to install a single unit including configuring the various input and output modules).

You have to bring your own laptop pc, as you have to log in to the network via Wi-Fi.

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