TRIAX Academy: IP Network

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Basic (not yet available)


Intermediate course content

Duration: 1 day

Prerequisites: None

You have to ring your own laptop and 2m Cat cable (min requirement is Cat5e) The laptop must either have a build-in ethernet port (RJ45) or you must bring your own USB to RJ45 converter.

The course will give you the knowledge needed to understand the basics in IP network. The course buildup, is based on TRIAX products. Referring to scenarios you might end up in, when dealing with IP Network on TRIAX equipment.

The course will cover the basics in networking, including:

  • Theory
    • Basics on protocols, hardware and media.
    • The OSI model and how it works, with focus on the 3 bottom layers.
    • What is LAN?, What is WAN?
  • IP address
    • The Internet protocol, how to get an IP address.
    • What is TCP & UDP traffic?
    • The beauty of DNS and how it works.
  • Streaming
    • Which types of ‘casts’ is there?
    • What is SPTS, MPTS and IGMP Snooping?
  • Safety & Security
    • How do I create a trusted or untrusted VPN tunnel?
    • What is VLAN and PVLAN.
    • The basics on firewalls.
  • Hardware & Cables
    • The basics on Cat cables and brief info on fiber.
    • Switches and basics on packet switching. Introduction to accesspoint.
    • Routers and basics on routing.
    • Port speeds and modes
    • Router settings including hands-on on emulators
  • System Administration
    • What is latency, lag and loss?
    • Network issues like bottleneck and congestion.
    • Theory on network tools.
    • Hands-on with build-in tools and programs

Advanced (not yet available)

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