TRIAX Academy: RF fundamental

What you learn - The Intermediate RF Fundamentals Training is intended for three different audiences:

First, as a brush-up for RF Installers, and secondly to enable IT Engineers and IT Installers to understand the wast differences between RF signals and IT signals. The third audience are Electricians, who does have a basic knowledge about both of the above, but may not be familiar with how RF Signals are all about Frequency, Level, Noise and Losses.

In this Training You’ll learn about Frequencies, Bandwidth, Channels, Carriers, Modulation, Noise and all the other specifications you need to at least know about, and even better, understand, to successfully design, configure, install and/or Support a TDX Headend or an EoC Installation.

Finally, you will get an introduction as to what a coax distribution network actually look like, to understand how and why there are huge differences both in best practices and in how it was done 20+ years ago, and how it is done today.
That is a very important knowledge if you need to install a TDX and/or an EoC Controller into an old coax distribution network, and does not have the luxury of designing it from scratch, but need to work with it, as it is.

What you should know before attending

The training is technical. There are no required prerequisits for this training.

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