TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + WiFi unleashes the full potential of coax, distributing safe, secure networking and WiFi for businesses whose infrastructure is built up on coaxial cabling.

Run a safe, secure WiFi network, supply IPTV, manage surveillance cameras: the possibilities are endless.

Overview of scenarios

Here are just some examples of where the solution can work and how the networks might be laid out.


Camp Sites

Camp sites can make use of the TRIAX simple WiFi solution to secure internet distribution in all mobile homes and cabins, and areas nearby. Visitors can log in directly on their devices without having to visit reception.

Through improved coverage and reliability, our WiFi solution can improve guest reviews and keep visitors returning time and again. By reusing the existing coaxial cable network, installation costs can be significantly reduced.



Hotels could make use of several of our WiFi solutions, running over a fully managed network that guest and private devices can access separately, securely and quickly. Take your pick of straightforward WiFi, or in combination with TV signal processing, Digital Signage and/or security cameras (CCTV).

This solution saves network installation costs by using existing coax cables, and still gives the hotel an important service and security upgrade that increases guest satisfaction.


Residential homes

Residential homes could make use of a WiFi solution that provides stable internet and TV in each separate apartment, as well as in communal areas. 





Schools could make use of either our pure WiFi solution with a simple login, or use the combined WiFi and security camera solution (CCTV).

Run any number of separate VLANs for students and staff, with reliable coverage that satisfies even the most demanding students.

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