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Proud heritage

With trailblazing technology at our core for over 70 years, we’re proud of where we come from. And we’re proud to keep innovating each day, connecting our customers to the future.

Our expanded headend range is the truest expression of our values of reliability and innovation.

And now, we have a headend to suit the requirements of every installation size and budget.

TV delivered your way

You know what your customers need, and our flexible headends make your choice easy. Whatever your preferred configuration, you can rest assured that each and every TRIAX headend guarantees the same quality TRIAX experience, saving you time and costs, and increasing your own customer loyalty.

Our headends are developed from the ground up at our headquarters in Denmark, with over 24,000 sold in the last decade alone.


Proud to be Headend Experts

  • TRIAX has developed and produced headends for more than 20 years
  • TDH 800 and TDX have been installed at more than 12,500 locations
  • More than 24,000 sold in the last 10 years, most of which are installed across Europe

time saved

Time saved

  • No retuning of in-room TV sets
  • Quick installation with preconfigured solutions
  • Remote access to all your headend installations

loyalty increased

Loyalty increased

  • Outstanding reliability, reduced down time
  • Remote access for quick configuration changes
  • Smoothly integrated solutions

adding value on demand

Costs saved

  • End-to-end TRIAX hardware
  • One point of contact, one stop shop
  • A headend for every budget

round future proof

Future ready

  • Free software updates
  • Modular (TDH 800 & TDX)
  • Scalable (TDX)
  • IPTV ready (TDX)

TDcH Compact Headend

  • Central decryption with CI slots; FTA version available
  • Pre-configured for quick installation and reduced costs
  • Remote management for quick and easy support
  • Easy and central updates of TV services with LCN
TDH 800 table

TDH 800 Modular Headend

  • Decryption of satellite, cable and terrestrial signals
  • Optimised channel setup with advanced Multiplexing
  • Modular for high flexibility and individual requirements
  • No need for retuning TV sets in rooms
TDX table

TDX Scalable Headend

  • Top of the range: maximum flexibility and power
  • Ready for IPTV solutions
  • Scalable: combine up to 3 headends
  • DRM integration for distributing premium content

TRIAX IP-pool technology

IP POOL 2020 3 incl text white small

The innovative IP-pool technology initially loads all incoming signals in the IP-pool. From there they are fed to several output modules and then simultaneously converted into any required output signals. This makes TDH 800 and TDX uniquely flexible and efficient.

Your benefits

  • Only one tuner per transponder
  • All services of a transponder can be fed into the IP pool
  • Input signals can be modulated and be output in PAL, QAM and COFDM and in TDX also as IP output signals
  • Encrypted services are decrypted only once and can be used in all output signals
  • The headend configuration can be easily changed because of the individual input and output modules


Trust our customers



Our vision is to be the preferred connectivity partner to professionals. We take pride in our reliable products and outstanding service, but don’t just take our word for it: here’s what some of our customers have to say.

  We have been using TRIAX’s reliable headend systems for several years. This has convinced us to also rely on TRIAX for subsequent projects.

  TRIAX has renewed our CATV infrastructure with a highly reliable and effective solution.

  TRIAX understands what is important. Their headends are recommended for their expandability combined with low maintenance effort.

  Thomas Banhardt
Owner, Feldberger Hof, Germany
  IT & Multimedia Director,
Hungarian National Assembly
  Wolfgang Kerz
Antennentechnik Redmann GmbH
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