Enterprise-grade networking and WiFi

Using existing coax installations

Connect to the future: run an enterprise-grade 1Gbps IP network over your existing coax cable infrastructure.

Use the TV cables you already have to run network services you and your customers can rely on. Installation costs are significantly reduced, since there’s no need to install expensive additional cabling.

Run a safe, secure WiFi network, supply IPTV, manage surveillance cameras: the possibilities are endless.

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  • Save time
    —15 minute installation per End Point
    —No rooms lost overnight
    —No TV retuning required
    —You already have the cables
    —Competitive pricing for total installation
  • Better network
    —No TV signal interference
    —Reliable low latency 1 Gbps network
    —IPTV ready
  • Happier guests
    —Reliable WiFi = happier guests, better reviews, repeat business
    —Upsell more premium WiFi
  • Better coverage
    —Increase WiFi coverage where it is needed
    —No WiFi blackspots
    —Endpoints also available for traditional Ethernet infrastructure
  • Innovative and Reliable
    —Designed and produced by TRIAX in Denmark
    —70 years of engineering expertise

Coverage where you need it most

With TRIAX, a reliable WiFi signal extends to every corner of your building. An endpoint in every room is simple, low-cost and quick to install, and won’t interfere with TV signals. No more WiFi nightmares.

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How it works

You already have the TV cables. All that’s needed is one Controller to handle the data flow, and End Points installed near every TV outlet.

Alongside fast and reliable WiFi, we deliver a fully managed network that guest and private devices can access separately, securely and quickly. G.hn wave 2 technology ensures TV signals remain unaffected and sets won't require retuning.

Add in our EoC Ethernet WiFi Endpoint with PoE to areas covered only by Ethernet cables, and manage a complete WiFi solution all from the same Controller.

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